In a year that's challenged us to rethink everything and brought so much uncertainty, we have challenged ourselves to find the silver lining. Finding peace came back to the forefront of our beliefs. Peace is defined as freedom from disturbance, tranquility. Joy and peace can be found through a connection with the outdoors, nature, and through living a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel your best inside and out.


We believe joy and peace are intertwined, and in order for us to create a more peaceful world, we must start with ourselves. From daily yoga sessions to walks and bike rides our team found that no matter what challenges might come our way our commitment to finding peace made it easier to overcome. We learned that peace is an ongoing battle that can not be figured out in 21 days and will take a lifetime to master, but 21 days is a step in the right direction. We'll share with you what we have learned about finding peace, how it's changed our lives, and how it can help you. We understand that it may be hard to fathom adding one more thing to your plate. But don’t view this as adding to the plate. View it as making the plate a bit bigger to add space for yourself. We want to invite you to join us on our journey of Finding Peace this coming year.


In 2021, we are going to stand united in learning how to restore our inner peace through intentional reflection, personal adventure, and betterment of self. Keep up to date with the Find Your Peace Campaign through our social media feeds!

unique year of 2020...

As we close out this

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Join the Movement

Sign up for the 21 Day Peace Challenge and download your workbook to record your journey and reflect on how far you've come after the 21 days.

Although we currently are not hosting a group challenge at the moment, the Peace Challenge lives on! You can sign up any time. Challenge yourself anytime, at your own pace. Take time for you!

Stay tuned here or on social media for our next group challenge and monthly focus!